How School House Bar Soap is Made

The dried herbs and flowers are organically grown in my garden when possible and harvested at a favorable time for potency. They are cleaned and naturally air-dried. The herbs or flowers are infused in extra virgin olive oil then strained out.

The cocoa oil, palm oil, and beeswax are liquefied over low heat and the infused olive oil is added to and then cooled. The lye and water are mixed together and also cooled. The lye water and liquefied oils are combined and stirring begins. Stirring is complete when “tracing” occurs, between 30 and 50 minutes.

Toward the end of stirring small pieces of the dried plant are thoroughly stirred in. This saponified soap is poured into a wooden mold (repurposed oak desk drawers) that has been lined with freezer paper; it is covered, and rested for 24 hours.

The soap is cut into 36 bars, removed from the box, and lined up on a covered table in a cool location to cure. The bars are turned every other day or so for six weeks. After curing the weight of each bar is 5 plus ounces. A strip of homespun and a paper label are the finishing touches.