Foaming Liquid Soap

Enjoy the pureness of School House Soap as a foaming liquid soap. Offered in new 100th Year Anniversary Ball blue glass jars and a few Ball and Brockway Antique Jars. Purchase at

Each pint jar is full of cleansing and moisturizing foaming liquid soap and arrives with a printed recipe card to make more, including the ingredient of a half bar of School House Soap. The plastic lid will not rust, as metal lids often do, and it is BPA free.

Foaming Liquid Soap Recipe

• One Half Bar, any variety, School House Soap (other brands may work fine; I have only used School House Soap)
• 12 cups water
• Essential oil, if you desire.
Heat the water in a large pot just to the boiling point.
Grate the half bar of soap.
Turn off the pot’s heat source and add the grated soap. Stir and let sit for 15 minutes. Blend the soap and water well with an electric hand mixer. Let it sit overnight in the pan with the lid on.
The next morning use the hand mixer and blend well again. If you use a bar of soap with small leaves or flowers, strain the liquid through 2 layers of cheese cloth or a fine sieve to remove, as they may clog the soap dispenser pump.
Place in jar/s and add essential oil, per your liking.
If the liquid soap thickens over time put in a pot, reheat, and give a quick stir, or use it as shampoo; works wonderfully.